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In 1992, I was amidst a meticulous preparation of my second solo exhibition to be held in my hometown of Sarajevo. It was scheduled for April 16th at the Olympic Museum. My exhibition was the first of its kind – A great honor for me. Unfortunately, although the exhibition was completely set up, the audience never had the opportunity to see it. A grenade destroyed the Museum building. For me personally that was outbreak of the war.

This was the beginning of a sixteen-year long absence of photography from my life.


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Meanwhile, digital technology already supplanted the analog one. My cameras and other devices became a thing of the past. One morning in November, 2008, the phone rang in my Belgrade apartment. “You can come and vacate the atelier in Sarajevo”. Words, followed by surprise, then uncertainty, and finally joy because of negatives that I could find in the atelier. I had to start all over again, right from the scratch. My great desire to bring my photographs to life, to come back and present old collections in a new manner made my understanding of digital technology easier. I found myself setting up my third exhibition in the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the City Museum in Sombor, 20 years later to the day.

I returned to Sarajevo in 2014 with an exhibition held at the Collegium Artisticum. It was an exhibition displayed in the entire gallery – three halls, about 2000 square meters and more than 300 meters of wall space. This is how I made a full circle after 22 years.

How does this happen And this is how it all began

As a child, I took the greatest joy is observing my father transform our bathroom into a darkroom. The magic of emerging photographs created in the red-lit bathroom fascinated me for hours. The two of us were the masters of the apartment, while my sister and mother had to beg us to leave the bathroom to them for a while. That is how our memories were created during the sixties and seventies.

In 1975, I enrolled in the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. I became more passionate about studying and researching photography in the photography and cinema club Mašinac. My first original photographs were created there. I had various joint exhibitions with mu fellow club members, both in the country and abroad, where I received numerous awards. The most important among them is the First Prize for the colour collection received in Krakow, Poland. I was so immersed into the photography that I neglected the studies. Nevertheless, I managed to graduate.


How does this happen Atelier, a new momentum

At the same time, I established my collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture. I took photographs of finished facilities and models, and participated in competitions. The dean offered me to use their photo studio. It provided me with a wider range of opportunities and made me study more. I established cooperation with many companies, working on their brochures, catalogs, posters, promotions…

In terms of technology, I have advanced so much that I have been able to make color slides, colour photographs of large (meter) formats, as well as colour displays for airports and restaurants.

I became a member of the professional association ULUPUBIH in 1984. And I choose the uncertainty of an independent artist status. I was the youngest among 28 independent artists in B&H.

How does this happen Nowadays…

After the turning-point exhibition in Sombor, I started shooting again, but only original photographs. To date, I have had more than 20 solo exhibitions in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Solo exhibitions: 1984 Pristina, Boro and Ramiz Gallery; 1992 Sarajevo, Olympic Museum (prepared, but not held due to the war); 2012. Sombor, Gallery of Contemporary Art of the City Museum of Sombor; 2012. Herceg Novi, Josip Benković Bepo Gallery; 2013. East Sarajevo, Forum Theater, Main Library; 2014. Sarajevo, Collegium Artsticum; 2015. Zemun, Kula Gardoš; 2015. Trebinje, Cultural Center Gallery; 2016. Belgrade, Barcelona Gallery; 2016. Belgrade, Belgrade Month of Photography, TC Ušće; 2017. Belgrade, Belgrade Month of Photography, TC Ušće; 2018 Sarajevo, Zvono Gallery; 2018. Novi Sad, Macut Gallery; 2019. Belgrade, Dorćol Platz; 2019. Belgrade, Yugoslav Cinematheque; 2019. Golubac, Veljko Dugošević Library; 2019. Pancevo, Cultural Center / Gallery of Contemporary Art; 2019. Herceg Novi, Josip Bepo Benković Gallery; 2021. Sombor, City Museum.

Significant awards: 1985, Krakow, Poland; Gold Medal for Color Photography, 2003, Sarajevo; ULUPUBIH April Salon, New Media Award; 2004, Alexandria, Egypt, biennial, bronze plaque for new media.

As a part of the project Journey of Three Lenses, whose objective is to revive the cultural scene in smaller communities in Serbia, Tomislav Peternek, Igor Mandic and I were guests in 28 different places.

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